Charters and Important Running Days

Hi all, We’ve had a lot of recent charters including 200 students from Leamington Primary and a group from a local Pre-school. We ran well with them, both groups thoroughly enjoying, despite some wet weather.

But as far as public running go’s, our next running day is the 14th December. That is also our last running day of 2014! We start back up again in January 2015 running on the 11th, 18th, and 25th of the month for the school holidays. We will then revert back to every 2nd and 4th Sunday in February.

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Lions Den Tunnel Update

Hi all, We’ve had someĀ great progress has been made on the Lions Den Tunnel. We had a working bee a couple of weeks ago, with 3 diggers helping put the top soil on the tunnel. We also had a team putting the doors onto the tunnel, which now means we can store ridecars in there safely! The fencing has been reduced to just around the edges of the tunnel and the site has been cleaned up.

Future working bee’s will include smoothing out the top soil so grass can be planted over top and installing the handrails. Thanks heaps to all who have helped. We are nearly done! Enjoy the photo’s of the working bee below.

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